Throughout my career, I have established a track record of success by leveraging my knowledge and experience with driving and applying user-centered design processes. An engaging and articulate communicator, I am able to work collaboratively with customers and cross-functional teams to deliver products and services that are known for their delightful experience and ease of use. Furthermore, my consistent focus on remaining at the forefront of rapidly evolving technology allows me to drive enterprise-wide innovation and maintain a competitive advantage.

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Soft Skills

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I have the ability and willingness to acquire new hard skills, and an open-mindedness for new tasks and/or new challenges.

Problem Solving 

I have the mindset for being cool and level head to figure out a problem. Knowing when & who to reach out to, if a problem can't be solved alone.


Knowing when to be perceptive, as well as receptive to the needs and responsibilities of others. 


I have a general positive attitude and outlook, can communicate effectively, and an aptitude for both self-motivating and motivating others.


If I mess up, I'll own it. Part of the learning process, part of empathizing with others and being respectful. 



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 I have a great deal of stamina and work hard.


 I have a craving to know more. 


 I can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues.


I'm inspired by the future and what could be.


I have a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve. 

*Results from Gallup Strength Finder assessment. 


User Research

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stakeholder research

Requirements gathering through understanding and developing effective UX strategies from key stakeholders expectations.

Journey Mapping

Finding what the customer experience story really is. What the long term experience will be, from high and low points in the experience.

scenarios and user flows

Creating or Identifying a narrative, which describes how a user might or will interact with a digital experience.

System Usability Scale (SUS)

Can create and develop a SUS test, plus do scoring.

Persona Modeling

Identifying and prioritizing user characteristics of key audiences for a product, system, or website, then creating representation of the key audiences.

Card Sorting and Content Analysis

User-centered technique used to find the attitudes, values, desires and/or behaviors of participants as they relate to the product, website or app being studied.

Moderated and Unmoderated

The ability to write effective user research scripts for both kinds of studies. Knowledgeable in creating unmoderated studies using, UserZoom, and Can also create screeners to get needed target audience.